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Ralf Kopp, Roman Senderek, Bernd Dworschak (Hrsg.)
EHP-Verlag Andreas Kohlhage, 2021
207 Seiten; Abb., Tab.; ISBN: 978-3-89797-132-5

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The rapidly increasing pressure of digitalisation presents (company) organizations with complex challenges and poses considerable risks of mismanagement. Technological or economic reductions in the potential of digital transformation not only quickly lead to a loss of acceptance and motivation on the part of employees, but also undermine their legitimate expectations of participation and co-determination as well as their ability to self-organise and innovate, which ultimately forms the basis for economic success.

»This book presents an encompassing overview of key leadership challenges related to workplace innovation from the perspective of renowned European scholars. Their insights will undoubtedly be of great practical value to managers who want to learn more about how to contribute to a successful socio-digital organizational transformation.«
(Pascale Le Blanc, Professor of Workplace Innovation and Sustainable Employability, Eindhoven University of Technology)

»This book is a welcome correction to current leadership theories. It emphasizes that leadership is not a matter of personal style that can be improved by taking expensive courses. Instead, leadership is a function of innovative work organization.«
(Frank Pot, Professor emer. Social Innovation of Work and Employment, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

»Not for the fainthearted, but if you seek sustainable workplace innovation, driven by an empowered workforce; this publication is a "must read". Experts with a wealth of experience in either research or practical delivery, highlight the obstacles and signpost the way forward.«
(Herman Kok, Lindum Group Ltd.)

The Authors

  • Michael Kohlgrüber, Ralf Kopp, Hendrik Lager & Antonius Schröder: Managing the socio-digital transformation New settings and demands for leadership
  • Steven Dhondt: Workplace Innovation: concept and basic principles
  • Peter Totterdill & Natalie Wilkie: Workplace Innovation, Co-Created Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Peter Oeij, Gerben Hulsegge, Paul Preenen & Fietje Vaas: Leadership and innovation in logistics in the Netherlands a leadership tool from a workplace innovation perspective
  • Matthias Müssigbrodt, Roman Senderek & Luisa Majewski: Digital Tools for Digital Leadership – New Work for the Industrial Transformation
  • Roman Senderek, Matthias Müssigbrodt & Volker Stich: New Work – Innovative Concepts for Working and Learning in the Digital Transformation
  • Valerie Wienken: The role of middle management in the digitalization process – eliminate, fire or empower?
  • Thomas Kuhn & Jürgen Weibler: Ethics as Workplace Innovation? An orientation for the well-intentioned